Free Standing image of a Lady golfer


A Lady golfer

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  • A free standingĀ  image of a lady golfer with theĀ  saying
  • I hate golf !
  • I hate golf !
  • Great shot .
  • I love golf !

Each item is laser cut from 3mm Mdf and comes with a stand. Size is 280mm long by 160mm high

This beautiful Handmade sign is a lovely unique laser cut gift for someone.

We offer a beautiful range of handmade gifts, craft supplies and handmade presents for everyone to enjoy.

We take great pride in providing a wonderful range of handmade crafts and supplies within our marketplace while offering really unusual handmade items such as this gift.

We have a real passion for supporting handmade in Britain.

If you are looking for the perfect handmade items for an occasion coming up, you have most certainly come to the right place.

This Handmade gift is unique and exclusive, they have been crafted lovingly and you are supporting a family business when you purchase.

Additional information

Weight .98 kg
Dimensions 280 × 3 × 200 mm


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